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Boxing Returns to Ft. Worth January 13, 2008

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New Piece of Mine on FightHype.com December 3, 2007

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Check out my latest article on the upcoming Ricky Hatton – Floyd Mayweather battle this Saturday.

You can read it here.

Most Valuable Network December 2, 2007

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To those who have come to visit The 8 Count with any type of regularity I would like to announce that I will begin posting to MVN’s dedicated boxing blog “Ring Report”. 

The opportunity to join some well respected boxing bloggers under one roof was too much of a temptaion to pass up.  As for what the future holds for this blog the answer is simple.

I will try to post on The 8 Count at least once a week and I implore you to continue to visit this site as well as Ring Report.

I thank you all for your continued support of sport blogging and look forward to hearing from you all on the new site.

Cintron Damages Ligaments in Right Hand November 30, 2007

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IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintron suffered severe ligament damage to his right hand in his successful Nov 23 title defense against Jesse Feliciano, it was announced today by Main Events CEO Kathy Duva.  Reading, PA orthopedic surgeon Dr. R. Scott Cook has advised Kermit that he should not engage in any boxing matches until March 1.


Pacquiao-Marquez II set for March 15 November 30, 2007

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Consider it an early holiday gift from the boxing gods but Filipino sensation junior lightweight Manny Pacquiao has agreed to fight WBC title holder Juan Manuel Marquez in a highly anticipated rematch of their May 2004 draw.

For many this was the only fight that mattered for Pacquiao as he continues his Hall of Fame bound career. 

The fight will take place on March 15th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  HBO PPV will broadcast the fight.

Financial terms were not disclosed but word is that Marquez took short money to make the fight happen.

Piece on James Kirkland November 29, 2007

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New piece of mine spotlighting James Kirkland now on FightHype.com.

You can view it here

Again with the self-promotion… November 28, 2007

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For those interested, my latest article profiling the 10 greatest Puerto Rican fighters of all time has just been posted on FightHype.com.

You can get to the article here.

The 8 Count’s Recreation of the Diaz-Katsidis Purse Bid Meeting (Pure Fiction!) November 28, 2007

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What follows is the dramatic recreation of Monday’s WBO purse bid meeting between Oscar De La Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions, and Francisco Valcarcel, Esq., WBO president.

The following is a fictional account as my convoluted mind would imagine.

The scene takes place in the spacious office of Francisco Valcarel.  The office walls are adorned with pictures of various fighters who represented the WBO.  Rhythmic salsa music is faintly heard in the background.  Golden Boy Promotions president Oscar De La Hoya enters; he is alone.

Francisco Valcarel: Como esta Senor De La Hoya.

Oscar De La Hoya: Bien Don Valcarel.  How is your family?

FV: They are good but enough with the pleasantries.  I hear that you are most interested in a Juan Diaz-Michael Katsidis fight. 

ODLH:  That is correct.  As you know we at Golden Boy Promotions think highly of that Katsidis.  That guerro can put nalgas in the seats.  As for Diaz, well you know that he almost signed with us but…

FV: But what?

ODLH:  Well we would have had him if not for that meddling Don King.

FV:  You don’t worry about King.  You will find he is powerless to the great and mighty WBO.

OLDH:  Wasn’t King supposed to be here?

FV:  Don’t you worry your pretty little image conscious face about King.  Let’s just say that his stay in Germany was extended.

A bead of sweat beggings to run down the face of De La Hoya.

ODLH:  If you don’t mind Don Valcarcel, I would just as soon get this over with.  Millie doesn’t like me out alone.

FV:  Fine.  I trust you have something for me?

OLDH:  I sure do, here you go.

An unmarked envelope is pulled from De La Hoya’s suit jacket and thrown on to Valcarcel’s desk nearly tipping over a glass of Puerto Rico’s finest rum.

FV: You idiot!

ODLH:  Please forgive me Don Valcarcel..

FV:  See that it does not happen again or all of your fighters will be relegated to NABO title fights.

ODLH:  You wouldn’t…you monster!

FV:  Silencio!  Now I see by the contents of your envelope that you are now the prized owner of one lightweight unification bout.

ODLH:  But how can it be a unification if both fighters claim a WBO lightweight title?

FV:  You are pushing it senor.  You will find that as a governing body, we can pretty much do what we want.  Instead of buying some silly magazine you should have gotten into business of creating titles.

ODLH:  That is genius, pure genius.

FV:  Yes, this I know.  Now beat it.  I must figure a way to keep Sultan Ibragimov a WBO title holder after he gets his Russian ass handed to him by Klitschko.

OLDH:  Ay Dios!  Please do!

FV:  Get out!

De La Hoya scurries out the office.  Valcarcel sits back and lights a cigar in his mind all is right in the world.

Golden Boy Wins Diaz-Katsidis Purse Bid November 28, 2007

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Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions won the WBO mandated purse bid for the proposed Juan Diaz-Michael Katsidis lightweight title fight.  Diaz is the WBO lightweight Super Champion while Michael Katsidis holds the WBO Interim lightweight title.  I will spare you the diatribe that is welling up inside me due to these designations.  How can you have two separate individuals attached to your title?  Especially since Diaz is considered “the man” at 130 and does not need one of his titles sullied with such nonsense.  Yet I digress. 

GBP won the right for the fight after putting up a bid of 1.5 million.  With the mandated 80/20 split Diaz will reportedly earn 1.2 million with Katsidis taking home $300,000.  Don King tried to postpone the bid on the grounds that he is still in Germany with our troops.  The WBO countered King’s posturing with the claim that all interested promoters were advised of the purse bid on November 16.  On these grounds King had ample time to plan accordingly if he truly was interested on bidding.

Golden Boy Promotions has 90 days from Nov. 23 to stage the fight.  Sources indicate that GBP plans on this fight taking place on Jan. 26 in the hometown of Diaz, Houston, TX.


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Coming into his fight against the IBF Welterweight Champion Kermit Cintron (29-1, 27KO’s), Saturday night at the Staples’ Center, Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing promoted, Jesse “El Rayo” Feliciano (15-6-3, 9KO’s) understood that many saw him not only as a huge underdog to take Cintron’s title, but that he would be lucky to even last six minutes in the ring with the powerful Cintron. “I was a 20-1 underdog,” said Feliciano. “No one expected me to even go the first two rounds with Cintron, but I proved everybody wrong.” (more…)